The rosary was shaped since the beginnings of Christianity. It was a very long and complex process, however it is know that it received its contemporary shape at beginning of the XV century in the Carthusian monastery in Trewir. According to the legend a Dominic from Prussia contributed towards it. He used to bring Mary a wreath of roses every day. But when he entered the monastery he didn’t always have time for it. Older brothers gave him more and more duties. But he didn’t forget about his promise and he asked his confessor what to do. He advised him to replace those roses with prayer "Hail Mary". Dominic used his advice but the continuous saying the same prayer seemed him boring. After some time he had an idea of adding a scene from Gospel to every "Hail Mary" and in this way he created the prototype of contempory secrets pf rosary. There were exactly one hundred and fifty secrets and they refered to the whole life of Jesus on the earth.

In this the name of rosary was created – i. e. the wreath of roses for mother of God. At the end of XV century Dominican Friars reduced the quantity of secrets to 15, diving them into 3 parts: joyful, painful, and glorious. Dominican Friars contributes mainly towards spreading of this prayer. In the last from rosary was approved by the pope Pius V.