They were given by the Virgin Mother to blessed Alan de Rupe.

1. For those, who will religiously say the prayers with the rosary, I promise a special care.

2. Those, who will persistently say the prayers with a rosary, will have some special graces.

3. The rosary will be the huge weapon against the hell; it will destroy evil and will crush heresy.

4. The rosary will bring to the victory of virtue and goodness; instead of the love of the world it will introduce the love of God and it will wake up desire for looking for God in people’s hearts.

5. Those, who will trust me through the rosary will not die.

6. Those, who will religiously say the prayers with a rosary neither will be destroyed by unhappiness nor die without preparation.

7. Those, who will give themselves to my rosary will not die without consolation of the Church.

8. Those, who will say the prayers with a rosary will find light of God and richness of God’s grace during their life and at moment of their death and will take part in the merits of the blessed.

9. I will take away from the purgatory those spirits, who said the prayers with the rosary.

10. The true children of my rosary will enjoy the great glory in heaven.

11. You will receive what you will ask in the rosary.

12. Those who will spread the rosary will receive my help in their needs.

13. I have received the assurance from my Son that worshippers of my rosary will be with the Holy Friends of Heaven in their life and the last moment of their life.

14. Those, who say the prayers with a rosary truly, are my children – truly they are brothers and sisters of my son, Jesus Christ.

15. The worship of my rosary is particularly nice for God.