’The rosary is my favourite pray! Such a magnificent pray! Magnificent in its simplicity and intensity. In this pray we repeat many times those words, which Virgin Mary has heard from the archangel and her cousin Elisabeth. Against the background of the words: 'Hail Mary’ soul realizes the basic events (secrets) of Jesus Christ’s life. The pray is so simple and so rich. From the bottom of my heart J encourage all to say this pray.’

(the Pope John Paul II)

’Walls of Jericho did not fall faster on the blare of the Jozue’s trumpets than the false instructions disappeared after the open-hearted rosary pray. The pool in Jerusalem was not so curative for wounds of human’s body as the rosary is the medicine for wounded hearts.’

(St. Alfons de Liguori)

’It is no problem in life which could not be resolved with help of the rosary.’

(sister Lucia from Fatima)

’Tie yourselves to the rosary. Show Mary your thankfulness because She gave us Jesus.’

(b. father Pio)

’The rosary pray is the synthesis of our faith, the support of our hope, the fire of our love.’

(b. father Pio)

’You all, men and women, well-educated and simpletons, uprights and sinners, prominents and meek – hearted – thank Jesus every day, and night saying the Holy Rosary.’

(St. Ludwik Grignion de Montfort)

’Trust in power of the rosary. No sinner opposed me when I wound the rosary round him.’

(St. Ludwik Grignion de Montfort)

’The Rosary is the most religious pray, the easy way for all who glorify Holy Virgin.’

(The Pope Pius V)

The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński – the primate of millennium

’The rosary is the chain of safety on steep rock on a summit of a mountain. Do not stop over any secret. You must go on because the full sense of life is on the top.’

’It may be a consolation for us in our hard, everyday life (…) When we cannot overcome difficulties we can always say the rosary prayer for all who make our life unbearable in our country. Let us pray for these people. Strong language does not help. Gossip and political jokes do not help, too. But pray can help. It can brighten minds, correct human’s will.’

’We cannot religiously say the rosary prayer, repeat 'Hail Mary’ and do not think over Jesus Christ’s life.’

’Every 'Hail Mary’ is the glorification of Mary; They are roses and inside every rose – Jesus.’

’And though our thoughts, feelings and words greet Mary, they are sent to Her Son, they rejoice at Jesus and think over His life.’

’Let us follow the God’s Thought in thinking over Christ’s life in the Joyfull, the Painfull and the Glorious Secrets – let us study the main principles of our Holy Faith more thoroughly: the Embodiment of God’s Son and Redemption.

’Let us become familiar with the rosary – let us say the rosary prayer, let us return to the rosary and let us devote to this prayer our leisure time.’

’Let us introduce an ancient, beautiful custom in our families – to end the day with the common rosary prayer.’