7th October 1571 the Turkish navy under Ali Pasza’s command attacked Christian Europe to introduce Mohammedanism in its area. Christianity was defended by the Holy League. Its navy under don Juan de Austria’s command had 210 ships only when Turkish had 300 battleships.

The Pope Pius V, in the face of imminence, called upon all Catholics to say the rosary prayer. People undertook his appeal and soon all Europe was praying.

Christ and Holy Mary willing Christians defeated Turkish near Lepanto.

In remembrance of that event – 7th October is the church holiday of Holy Rosary Mary.

From 22nd to 25th February in the capital pf Philippines – Manila the peaceful revolution took place.

The power of saints – people with the rosaries – revealed on the highway around the capital. When the dictator F. Marcos dissolved the parliament and imprisoned his oppositionists, many people refused obedience to him but they knew, they were without any chance. In that situation they asked the cardinal J. Sin for help. Then the cardinal – after a long pray in his chapel – called upon people, – with help of the catholic radio, – to defend their friends on the streets. People answered and 2 millions persons gathered in the Avenue of Revelation. They took their rosaries – whole families with rosaries. They were frightened but understood their pray as their duty. After 4 days tanks appeared on the street. They attacked the crowd but people knelt down, rose their rosaries and began their loud pray. They were determined. Tanks stopped before the crowd and soldiers jointed the people. Then, the crews of helicopters jointed them, too. At last, the order to break up a crowd with help of gas was given. But suddenly the wind turned away and the performers had to escape. The power of pray won!

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed in 1945. The pilots were trained six months to drop the atom bombs into exactly fixed places.

Six months before the nuclear attack two men appeared in those towns. They appealed to three millions Japanese Roman Catholics to pray the Rosary, to expiate and to mend their ways. The Catholics should live in a state of grace, often receive the Holy Sacrament, keep candles and holy water at homes and pray the Rosary every day. It was the Holy Mary’s recommendation.

<After the nuclear attack it appeared that the bomb was dropped in the middle of the Catholic community, 5 miles from the planned target in Hiroshima. In Nagasaki the bomb landed 3,5 miles from the target. In those cities the immense area was completely ruined and burnt. But not whole area. As in Hiroshima as Nagasaki in the ruined zone – one building was saved. In the first building 12 persons and in the second one – 18 persons survived . The gardens round those houses, grass and vegetables and even a cat in the front of the house were not damaged.

For some months the specialists of the U.S. Army were investigating that phenomenon and trying to understand it. At last they came to a conclusion that the people should not have survived and it must have been miracle.

The safe people told that at night before the nuclear attack they heard a knock at the door. They saw the angel who said: "Fallow me" and took then to the house where the godly family have lived. The members of that family pray the Rosary every day for six months as Holy Mary had told.

The cathedral in Hiroshima was completely destroyed except for the statues of the Jesus’s Holy Heart and the Holy Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

The safe people live till to-day. One of them – Rev. Hubert Schiffler said that many experts studied the differences between the safe buildings and ruined ones but in fact it was one difference only in the safe buildings people prayed the Rosary every day.