At first sight saying the rosary prayer may seem to be uninteresting and even boring. Really? Let’s take the simple picture from the life.

It has been estimated that a small child repeats the word "mummy" about three hundred times a day. Will it make the child bored? Never! Will it make the mother bored? No, it won’t, either. She reacts to the every word of her child.

It is similar to the rosary prayer. Holy Mary is our Mother. When we say the prayers with the rosary, we are similar to the small child. We repeat like it: Be greeted, Mother! Does Holy Mary enjoy this greeting? Sure, she does! After all, it is connected with the joyful event in Nazareth, where Gabriel the angel announced her that she was "full of grace" and she took it with humility, calling herself "the Lord’s servant".

If she is "full of grace", so we, councious of our imperfection, ask her: "Pray for us, sinners", to make us full of God’s friendship grace.

Whenever Holy Mary wanted to say her message, she appeared to chosen people (the most often children) with the rosary in her hand, and she encouraged strongly to say this prayer. It was in Lourdes in 1858, it was the same in Fatima in 1917. It means, that the prayer is for Holy Mary particularly nice, and for the people very efficient. It has grown from the Gospel and it is its summary.

The worth of the rosary prayer shows the fact that the prisoners of the concentration camps made themselves the beads from the pressed bread and the kept these stung beads away from the torturers and used them to say the rosary prayer. And how many times have the steeped in blood beads been found in pockets dead soldiers? These objects were sent as relics to their family houses, to their mothers.

In Vatican, in Sykstyńska Chapel there is a big picture painted on the huge wall. It shows "the Last Judgement". There are lot of people in the picture: Christ, Holy Mary next to him, angels, and lot of people rising from the earth to the sky. But one part of the picture is particularly interesting: the huge Spirit of God is lifting a man from the depths, the man is fastening to the beads.